Welcome to The Miracle League of Northeast Ohio!

homerThe Miracle League program provides an opportunity for children with mental and/or physical challenges to play baseball! With a specially designed artificial turf surface friendly to both wheelchairs and bouncing baseballs rubber turf field, and fully accessible playgrounds, continued…

Thank You Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC & ABC Therapy, LTD!!

ABC Therapy has made a donation of $500 to our program. they have been supporting our program since 1997. Thank you for the memories you have helped us create for our players. Thank you to Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems for the donation to the Miracle League. We are blessed with some outstanding companies backing our program. We want to thank them for their continuing support. In return for the support given to us, we need to remember them when we have a particular need for a service that our sponsors can perform. By giving them a call and telling them that you are a part of the Miracle League, you are telling them that their partnership with us is valued. Please review the list below and see if you or someone you know needs their services. (A more complete listing can be found on our sponsor page)

ABC Therapy, LTD,     

Choice Traditions,    

Vawter Financial,

Root 18 CrossFit,    

Holly’s Ice Cream & Yogurt,    

Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC    

USA Sport Apparel

Thank you Wadsworth Grizzlies!

Jay Manix and his Wadsworth Grizzlies 14U Baseball Team had a great run. They have been together for 6 years playing, as Jay put it, “the greatest sport humans have devised!” READ MORE.

Miracle League Meets Rubber Ducks!

On Saturday, August 9th, 21 of our Miracle League players took the field at Canal Park in Akron alongside the Rubber Duck players. It was a thrilling experience as they listened to their names being announced over the PA in this minor league ballpark. The players then returned to the stands and were treated to an exciting game and fireworks.

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