FUNds for Kids Music Jam Big Success!

Thank you to Jason Graf, Amber Morrison, Skinny Moo, and the staff at Ferrell-Whited ! We received $5,384 from the event and had a great time! Ferrell-Whited, You ROCK !

About the Miracle League of Northeast Ohio

Parent Share’s their Outing at the Indian’s Ballpark – Pinch Me!


homerMiracle League program provides an opportunity for children with mental and/or physical challenges to play baseball! We have an artificial turf surface which is friendly to both wheelchairs and bouncing baseballs, and a fully accessible playground. Continued…

Thank You Root Middle School Field Day !

The Root Middle School planning committee has designated the Miracle League of NE Ohio as the beneficiary of their concession sales and donations given on Field Day, May 26th, 2016. The total collected is $309.26 !! We are thrilled to receive this generous gift! Thank you to Ben Stobbs, field day director and his crew! You have helped us to keep our

Adult Baseball, A League of Their Own!

Age is no barrier in our adult league. We have players in their 40’s and players in their teens.The game is a very safe version of baseball due to the Lite Flite ball that we use. It travels well but does not injure our players if they are hit. We have players that have played the game since the late 90’s and players that joined for their first season. Continued…


Thank you Dick Koenig for the donation of a gas powered blower for our new field!
Thank you Frank Triplett of Triplett Portable Welding for fixing our dugout pole! 330-416-4932.