The Field has been sanded and is almost ready for the new surface! Check out the Picture above! Sign up NOW for 2016.

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Mark your Calendar for April 2nd. Spring Training starts at Windfall School !

THE MIRACLE LEAGUE OF NORTHEAST OHIOhomerThe Miracle League program provides an opportunity for children with mental and/or physical challenges to play baseball! We have an artificial turf surface which is friendly to both wheelchairs and bouncing baseballs, and a fully accessible playground. continued…


Adult Baseball, A League of Their Own!

Age is no barrier in our adult league. We have players in their 40’s and players in their teens.The game is a very safe version of baseball due to the Lite Flite ball that we use. It travels well but does not injure our players if they are hit. We have players that have played the game since the late 90’s and players that joined for their first season. We like to move players up to the Adult League from the Youth League when they start to hit the ball with authority, driving it through the infield at high speeds. This way we can keep it safe for the players that are still developing their fielding and hitting skills. Join us next season on one of our teams. Games are played on Wednesday & Sunday at 6:30.