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A Parent Share’s their day with the Indians – Pinch Me

Pinch Me

2016-08-01 116 (480x640)As a parent Monday was a pinch me sort of moment….   not only for son, but for all of us as die hard Indians fans!  We were fortunate to get a young man named Josh who was our  “fan experience” guide who helped us meet so many players, coaches, Bob Dibiasio and the GM, Mike Chernoff.

We went down on the field and were waiting for Francisco and it was HOT.  We took some pictures with him and then he ran into the clubhouse and brought out water and Gatorade for all of the families and players. Francisco was just great to the boys!  I’ve added a picture of Brock and his family too!  Such nice people!  After we took pictures with Francisco, and while waiting for others, Josh said we could go into the dugout and sit while we waited. Ok, pinch us again!

Here is who Logan met and had sign his hat, shirt and ball.  I found out later that Josh was actually the manager of the groups and so he was letting  Logan talk to as many players as he (Josh) could bring over.  He even wanted to meet the coaches so they were included! He liked Logan and he said Logan is milking this!  He loved it!

2016-08-01 096 (480x640)He started talking to Mike Napoli and asked if he would sign his shirt, hat and ball.  Josh told Mike that Logan was a first baseman too.  Logan said I am going to get one of your “Party at Napoli’s” shirts too.  He told Josh to go into the clubhouse and get one of those tee shirts for Logan!  Logan didn’t know it and he was just so excited!

 They were all so nice…. such a great day!

Take a look at more photos from this great day!

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